Making the Most of Your College Visit

If college visits are on your summer/fall to-do list, you don’t want to miss our next webinar for rising seniors and their families, on Tuesday, July 23, from 4 to 5:30 p.m. on Zoom. Click the button to learn more and register!

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FAFSA Filing Help

There’s still time to file your 2024-25 or even apply to college for the fall, and we’re here to help! Check out our events page to see where you can catch us this week!

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No matter how you pronounce it, make sure you fill it out! The FAFSA is the only way to know if you qualify for federal student aid. Need help? Check out our FAFSA page for lots of useful information.



Don’t you love it when everything is right where you need it? So do we. We’ve updated our FAFSA page to include everything you need for filing your FAFSA!


College Essay Prep

If you’re feeling stressed about your college essay, here’s some good news. College essays aren’t about thesis statements and fancy words. They’re a chance to talk about yourself – and who doesn’t love that? Here’s some more good news. Our college essay prep workshops can help you find your story and figure out how to tell it.  

We’ve got virtual and in-person options at college campuses around NH all summer.  

Join us for our first one on July 11 at 10am at White Mountains Community College in Littleton.  Click the button below to register and find more sessions!

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Understanding your college bill

Looking to apply for a private student loan? Give our team a call to talk about the Granite Edvance private student loan products!

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It’s not too late to fill out your financial aid application and find the college that’s right for you. #DotheFAFSA now at Have questions or need help? Make an appointment with us!

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Fewer questions, faster fill-out time, AND most applicants will receive financial aid— the FAFSA is your ticket to the future. Find the form at and reach out to us if you need help!

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Types of Loans and Other College Funding Options

Scholarships? Check!
Grants? Check!
529 savings? Check!
Still need money to cover the cost of college, but you’re confused by the different types of loans?
Read on to learn about these various funding options!

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Thinking about being a cosigner?

If you’re the parent or guardian of a student in school, make sure you think carefully before deciding to be a cosigner on a private student loan. It’s natural to want to help them, just don’t forget: By agreeing to cosign the loan, you are just as responsible for the debt as the student. If the student makes late payments, or doesn’t make their payments at all, this affects you as the cosigner. Not only does this debt appear on your credit report, but you may become liable for the remaining debt on the student loan.

Make sure you have a conversation with them about what being a cosigner means. Talk to them about how to budget for their student loan payments, and make sure your own budget can cover them if your student can’t pay. Ask your lender if they offer a cosigner release, where you can be released from responsibility for the loan.

Check out the Federal Trade Commission’s FAQs about being a cosigner –

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Looking at private student loans?

Didn’t quite get enough financial aid to cover the costs of college? You may be considering a private student loan. Make sure you understand them fully before starting an application! Still have questions? Visit our website or give our team a call to talk about our Granite Edvance private student loans.*
*Loans provided by Granite Edvance, MLN

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Need to cover the cost of college?

So you’ve received your offer letters but didn’t quite get enough to cover the costs of college. What can you do?

Use our college financing tool

Watch our video about scholarships

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Understanding your offer letter

Understanding Your Offer Letter

Congratulations on your financial aid offer letter! Need help interpreting it? We’re here for you!

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