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Available Presentations

We cover a range of topics on every step of the college and career planning process. Our presentations are targeted toward students in grades 7-12 and their families. Read on for more information about the different presentations we can deliver at your school.

Presentations for Grades 7-10

  • Early College & Career Planning for Students Only – Grades 7-10– Spring: This presentation is perfect for the classroom, after-school program, or any group of students! It’s never too early to start thinking about life after high school. In this presentation, students will discover how to explore their interests and skills. They’ll learn how to make the most out of high school, and get an introduction to the college application process. We’ll also share how Granite Edvance can support students and families at every step along the way.
  • Early College & Career Planning for Students & Parents/Guardians Grades 7-10 Spring: This presentation is geared toward students and their parents/guardians. Students will learn what they can do now to prepare for the future. Parents/guardians will learn strategies to support their children’s education and career exploration. They’ll also find out how to prepare financially for their future goals. We’ll also share how students and families can lean on Granite Edvance at every step along the way!

Presentations for Grades 11-12

  • Applying to College 101 High School Juniors & Parents/Guardians Spring: High school juniors and their families will learn about the college admission process. We’ll cover how to build your college list and questions to ask on a college tour. We’ll also discuss college essay pointers, the application timeline, and the basics of financial aid. Attendees will receive a digital copy of Granite Edvance’s Admissions Insider.
  • Financial Aid 101 High School Seniors & Parents/Guardians Fall: Families will learn how to navigate the federal financial aid process (FAFSA). We’ll explore what types of additional aid are available and review scholarship searches. We’ll also highlight the importance of meeting deadlines. Attendees will receive a digital copy of Granite Edvance’s Financial Aid Insider.
  • Paying for College 101 High School Seniors & Parents/Guardians Spring: Students and families will learn what comes next after they receive their financial aid offers from colleges. We’ll break down the different components of the offer letter and explain how to compare multiple offers. We’ll also explore options for covering college costs. We encourage attendees to bring their offer letter(s) if possible.
  • Senior College Night High School Seniors & Parents/Guardians Fall: Seniors and their families will learn everything they need to know about the college application process. This presentation is similar to Applying to College 101 for juniors, but with a stronger focus on timelines, deadlines, and how to stay organized. This presentation will prepare seniors for their immediate next steps.

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