Granite Edvance has established this section of its website for the investors (and potential investors) in its taxable and tax-exempt securities. The information contained herein is not intended to be exclusive or comprehensive, but rather is intended to be a convenient method of accessing certain information about those securities as well as Granite Edvance’s most recent audited financial statements.

Investors are directed to their personal financial and other advisors and the specific documents governing these securities for complete information on these securities. Copies of such documents are available from the trustees for the taxable and tax-exempt securities and each investor’s financial advisor through whom they purchased their securities.

Granite Edvance undertakes no responsibility to update the materials contained in this section. Any notices to holders of Granite Edvance’s securities are accurate, to the best of Granite Edvance’s information, knowledge and belief, as of the date set forth on any such notice, but Granite Edvance shall have no responsibility for any information in any such notice which is ultimately determined not to have been accurate.

Investors acknowledging the foregoing restrictions and agreeing to view the information subject to such restrictions may enter this section by completing the form and pressing the “Continue” button below.

Note: On November 1, 2023, New Hampshire Higher Education Loan Corporation renamed itself and became Granite Edvance.

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