Paying for College 101 Webinars

For the high school Class of 2024, a lot of information has been coming out about updates to FAFSA processing and how the updates will affect the release of financial aid offer letters from colleges. We know you have questions, so we’re ramping up our support by offering our Paying for College 101 presentation every week this spring. Each session will cover the same content. Registration is required.

More events coming soon. 

    FAFSA Filing Open Houses

    Still need to file your FAFSA? We’re offering in-person support to help you out! We’ll answer all your questions about the new form and help you fill it out. Remember: Filing the FAFSA is the only way to know if you’re eligible for federal financial aid, and the form unlocks other types of aid as well. Registration is required.

    More events coming soon. 

      Need help right now?

      We’ve got you covered. Visit our Library for recordings of past webinars.

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