Granite Edvance announces $500,000 in scholarships

March 11, 2024

First-year undergraduate, certificate/trade students now eligible

Concord, NH – As part of a deep commitment to supporting NH students of all ages and backgrounds, Granite Edvance is pleased to offer $500,000 in scholarships for NH college students this spring — its largest scholarship award yet. Scholarships in amounts ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 will be awarded in five categories to NH undergraduate students. For the first time this year, awards are available to firstyear undergraduate college students and students in eligible certificate/trade programs.

“In our work helping students navigate their college and career pathways, we are very familiar with the financial challenges families face,” said Granite Edvance CEO and President Christiana Thornton. “We are honored to be able to put our mission into action by offering this scholarship to New Hampshire students.”

Granite Edvance, formerly the NHHEAF Network, has provided scholarships to hundreds of New Hampshire college students since the program began in 2005. In recent years, the statewide nonprofit has substantially increased its award amounts. Last year, the organization awarded $300,000 to 96 students, including 44 first-generation college students. For some, the award was pivotal.

“[The scholarship] is a blessing to me,” said 2023 scholarship winner Rona Playda, who is studying at Manchester Community College. “It reduces my future debt, frees me from the financial burden of education, and allows me to concentrate on my studies.”

This year, scholarships of $1,000, $2,500, and $5,000 will be awarded to students in certificate/trade programs, two-year degree programs, and four-year degree programs. Applicants must be NH residents attending a Title-IV eligible institution in or out-of-state. Awards will be offered in five categories: Firstyear and Certificate/Trade Students, Community Service, Academic Excellence, Leadership, and Opportunity.

Lindsey Hatfield, a University of New Hampshire student who won a Leadership Scholarship last year, said the gift would bring her closer to her goal of becoming a nurse. “I am beyond thankful for this assistance and the incredible opportunities that this scholarship will provide,” she said. “Thank you for helping me achieve my goals.”

The scholarship application is open through May 31. Scholarship winners will be chosen by a committee of Granite Edvance team members and announced in July. For full eligibility requirements, application, and more information, visit

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