Here’s what every college student should know about office hours

November 1, 2023 College Life

Classes are in full swing, and as you’re dutifully reading your syllabus for each class (of course you are!) you keep seeing references to office hours. Maybe your professor has mentioned them, and maybe you’ve heard they’re important, but – yikes! Do you really have to go to them?

Well, no one is going to force you, but showing up for your professors’ office hours can pay off. Office hours are a key part of your academic experience at college because they allow you to ask important questions about assignments, seek help with problems you’re facing in the class, and build a relationship with your professor. Here are some insights from the Granite Edvance team on why you should take advantage of office hours.

Office hours are not just for struggling students.

“A lot of times students who did really well in high school feel that only students who are doing poorly need to go to office hours,” said Karen Collins, a Senior Education and Career Counselor at Granite Edvance. In reality, taking advantage of office hours can help you not just succeed but excel in a class by giving you a chance to talk about assignments and connect with your professor.

Office hours help professors put a face with a name.

This is especially important in very large classes, said Granite Edvance Education and Career Counselor Shawn Kithcart. As a student athlete, Shawn always took time to talk with her professor about the work she was going to miss because of games. Not only did this help her stay on top of her assignments, but her professor saw that she cared about her work.

Professors are a resource.

Many students shy away from office hours because they don’t want to take up their professor’s time, said Shelby Miuzzo, Assistant Vice President of College Planning and Outreach for Granite Edvance. “They think, ‘I don’t want to be a burden. I should be able to do this on my own,’” she said. “But office hours are part of the college experience. They’re an important resource that you’re paying for as part of your college package.”

Office hours = opportunities.

By building a relationship with your professors, you’re connecting to a valuable network. Professors who know you well can recommend a particular tutor, provide you direction in your program of study, help you choose a major, or connect you to opportunities such as research projects.

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